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Europ Assistance

Worldwide innovative companies scouting

We maintain an international database of more than 450,000 innovative companies that you can search with three powerful modes:

  • Company name

  • Similar companies

  • Technologies

Apply filters by geography, maturity, funding and more.

Raisup search engine

945 K


135 K

updated daily

1.2 M


Continuous analysis of technology trends

We monitor multiple sources to get the latest technology trends in all countries, from scientific discovery to mainstream market traction.

  • 5 years of trending history

  • Aggregation of similar technologies

  • Navigate easily between technologies and companies

Discover new technologies before your competitors.

Raisup trends

Revolutionizing the way you think about corporate strategy!

Success stories

See how our innovative companies scouting and trend analysis tools help them work smarter

Europ Assistance
Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance is a trusted partner to millions around the world, relentlessly pioneering care and mobility services to improve people’s lives in the most difficult and stressful situations, securing peace of mind and independence.


EDF is the leading producer and supplier of electricity in France and Europe, and second in the world. EDF operates a diversified portfolio of over 120 gigawatts of generation capacity in Europe, South America, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Integrates easily in your process

Whether you're driven by innovation or just starting, our tools will help you outsmart your competitors.

Team access

Give access to relevant team members and empower them to find innovative solutions to their problems.

Consistent information

Read consistent information on all company summaries, with description, maturity, geography and much more.

Smart watchlists Coming soon

Create and share your own watchlists based on technologies and receive a notification when something relevant happens.

Evaluation requests

Send evaluation requests designed to lead to strategic, operational or financial decisions

Actionable results

Use the aggregated evaluations report to your next executive committee session.

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