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Company scouting

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A fast-growing company

Europ Assistance is an international insurance and service group, created in 1963. Europ Assistance was the first company to provide medical coverage for people traveling overseas. Today the company offers a wide range of assistance services in the following fields: roadside assistance, travel insurance, travel assistance, health, identity protection, senior care, and concierge services.

With over 8.8 million claims, Europ assistance guarantees business continuity 24/7, even in the most stressful crisis situations across 200 countries and territories. After a restructuring in 2014, Europ Assistance managed to increase EBIT to 30% while maintaining high-quality standards and consistency. Today, under the current leadership, Europ Assistance wants to be best in class, and exceed customers’ expectations.

Innovation context

Europ Assistance is on target to get $2 billion sales by 2020, using an ambitious development plan in Asia and by expanding its current market, in particular in senior care.

In this context, Europ assistance needed a partner to source worldwide innovative companies across 3 sectors to find new partnerships or potential acquisitions, and input in its strategy of future growth business lines.

AI-driven strategy

Raisup,  under the leadership of the executive team, suggested a map of technologies and use cases to monitor and from which to select. In less than 6 months of work, initiated in 2018, Raisup identified more than 45 innovative companies established in strategic countries for Europ Assistance. Europ Assistance has constantly evaluated the suggested companies, and Raisup has continuously improved its selection, based on the feedback.

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